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The thrill and excitement as as story starts to unfurl…Sand between my toes on an empty beach… Evenings spent cooking, eating and laughing with friends and family… Stepping into a new bookshop, wondering what delights await… The perfect cup of tea…

‘About Me’ pages never say much of any substance about the soul or the heart of the writer. I could be informative with brisk descriptions of the myriad elements of what I think is called my ‘portfolio career’, or I could list my achievements, or I could mortify my family by waxing lyrical about them. But none of that would be especially interesting and this is not a CV.

Better still to tell you about my passions and enthusiasms, the things that you, dear reader, might identify with and share, because why else would you bother to read a blog whose writer you have nothing in common with?  The purpose of this blog is to talk about writing – both mine and other people’s – to write about the things I love and that make me happy; the books I’ve read and enjoyed; and places – especially bookshops – that I’ve visited.  I’ll also talk about other things that I get up and that I love, whether that’s my relatively infrequent culinary successes or exhibitions I’ve seen.



So welcome, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa and say hello….


Housekeeping notices:

I get sent many books by publishers and authors (for which thank you) but I also buy a large number myself. The former are marked with an * although my opinions are my own and I can’t be bribed or cajoled into saying nice things about a book I didn’t like. Nor do I have time or inclination to write about every one of them although I do read at least part of all of them. My reviews are pretty short. That’s why I call them Shelf Notes – they’re the kind of thing I used to write on staff recommendation cards in the bookshop.

And a word on advertising and affiliate links. I don’t do them. Frankly, they’re not going to make me cash of any noticeable amount and I’m bored with reading blogs that have endless adverts flashing up and/or where a brand and a blogger clearly have a very cosy relationship. So, no affiliate links – I just provide useful links where appropriate or useful to my readers and take no kickbacks.




2 Responses to About Me

  1. Leah Davison says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I stumbled upon your blog whilst researching the Stockbridge Colonies. I am moving to Edinburgh in January and I cannot picture a more perfect place to live. However, the internet is not turning up much in terms of letting in the colonies. I was wondering if you have any information on who to get in touch with in regards to letting. Lovely blog!



    • vanessa says:

      Hi Leah,

      Thanks for your comment. Flats do come up to rent here quite regularly especially if you’re looking for one of the one bedroomed lower flats – uppers are less commonly available. Your best bet is probably to register your interest with Edinburgh letting agents, set up an alert on Gumtree and look at the Stockbridge pages on Facebook. I think there’s a page for the Colonies but I don’t have the link to hand – you could ask on there. Good luck!

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