Advent calendar 16th December – Most recent purchase


A book I saw in the USA this summer and which was just too heavy to add to my already over-heavy baggage was Move and Work by Danish fashion and interior designer Malene Birger. The homes it focuses on are Birger’s own and her style is gorgeous – pale walls, simple interesting art and tactile fabrics. What is most striking though is the simplicity – home as a setting for your life rather than just as an accumulation of ‘stuff’, designer or otherwise. Although a Louis Vuitton suit bag sneaks into one shot, I also spotted some Ikea baskets that used to be in a previous kitchen of ours. It’s an expensive and over-sized tome that will require the bookshelves to be rearranged in order to fit it in, but if you’re planning on doing anything interiors-wise in 2016, it’s wonderful inspiration.

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