Advent calendar 22nd December – My favourite Christmas book

Doing Christmas by Sarah GarlandLike books set in Edinburgh, there are so many Christmas books to choose from, but my favourite is Doing Christmas by Sarah Garland. We came across this when The Son was a baby and that sun-faded, slightly chewed board book is very precious to me. I love Sarah Garland’s illustrations and when we had the bookshop we stocked all of her books simply because – and we sold masses too as customers fell in love with her work.

Doing Christmas is the wry and warm story of a family of three – harrassed mother, bright-eyed five(ish) year old and mischievous toddler – getting ready for Christmas and the arrival of Granny who’s all red sports car and wine bottle-clinking bag, supplemented by wildy inappropriate gifts. They all have a lovely day of food and family and the obligatory post-lunch walk and it’s utterly charming. I love it very much and it’s as much a part of our Christmas as The Snowman.


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