Friday Five – fab things you might have missed…

Giraffe Manor, Kenya. I love travel and I love giraffes and I want to visit this hotel, Giraffe Manor in Kenya. It’s a Scottish hunting lodge-style house from the 1930s with its own herd of Rothschild giraffes roaming the grounds. Look at the photos – who doesn’t want to have their breakfast with giraffes sticking their heads through the window? I don’t like the whole concept of bucket lists but if I had one I’d have added this to it. Click through and watch the video on the hotel’s website – the giraffes are so beautiful. And all the profits go to a charity that protects these amazing animals which makes the cost completely justifiable doesn’t it? There’s a 5 night safari package that includes a stay here and it looks amazing if rather spendy.

As I said in this interview with her, I first came across Joanna Cannon’s writing on her blog where she told stories about her work as a psychiatrist. Her first novel, The Trouble With Goats and Sheep, has just been published but this article in The Guardian is an excellent example of the insightful way she writes about mental health, in this case mental health and books.

Stockbridge, the area of area where I live, has just been named by The Times as the best place to live in Scotland. I’m not sure of their methodology but I agree with the results and here’s an article for the Evening Standard suggesting a weekend’s worth of gastronomic treats to be had. Some of them are new even to long-time residents such as ourselves and I’m looking forward to trying them out as soon as possible.

Elena Ferrante is a best-selling Italian author now translated in English and becoming hugely popular. I have to confess that her books still wait patiently on my to-be-read shelf and I really must get to them soon as absolutely everyone keeps raving about her to me. However, Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym and the mystery of who is behind these life-touching books is the subject of much discussion. This article by Meghan O’Rourke from The Guardian looks at both the books and their enigmatic author.

Finally, from Messy Nessy Chic – probably my favourite blog – is the story of this glorious Parisian rabbithole

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