Let’s call it a sabbatical, shall we?

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Let’s face it, I’m never going to be one of those bloggers with an editorial calendar and posts scheduled and planned to the nth degree, but I am disappointed that after months of assiduous blogging I’ve let things slide completely lately.

I’d like to be able to say that it’s due to the drastic increase in my life’s glamour quotient as the film rights to The Novel have been snapped up and that I’ve been jetting to LA and back to talk to producers and directors and movie stars.

Sadly, the reality is rather more mundane. All the conveyancing and organising to do with moving house has been enormously time-consuming and as M has been refurbing a house in Fife I’ve been dealing with all the endless phone calls; The Son has had GCSEs and a teenager doing exams is an enormous distraction around the house; I’ve been feeling a bit blurgh for what seems like ages… Lots of little reasons and excuses that have combined to make me feel that blogging is just another thing on my to-do list. And it’s been a thing too far.

Now that we are safely ensconced in the new place – only 100 yards from our last and identical in many ways but different in two key aspects – and I have a workspace and peace and quiet and no more of the tyranny of tidiness that goes with having your house up for sale, I’m looking forward to getting back here to talk about writing and books and blogging and all sorts, probably including the house renovations.

So. It’s nice to be back in my little corner of the web and I’m looking forward to talking to you again. And thanks to the people who messaged me to ask if I was ok. x


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