Life lately…

Life lately has been so busy. We were idly thinking about moving house but couldn’t find anything that worked for us and at heart we were reluctant to leave the neighbourhood where we live. The Colonies are a lovely place; a community as well as some of Edinburgh’s most interesting buildings. The Son’s school commute literally takes three minutes from front door to locker; the area is so convenient for everywhere and although we could buy a bigger house in the suburbs we’re not really suburban people – I either want to live in the very centre of everything or in the middle of nowhere. And Stockbridge was recently named the best neighbourhood in Scotland in which to live and I can’t disagree with that.

But then we found a house, one we’d ignored for weeks, and so we’re on the move, albeit without moving too far. The new place has a layout that will work better for us and although it needs some work, it’s nothing like as bad as this house was when we bought it. Our lovely electrician told us that if we weren’t living here he’d have condemned the wiring! Instead we made that our priority!

So this poor blog has been sadly neglected while we frantically clean and tidy and declutter and fix the fence in the front garden that we’ve been meaning to get round to for a couple of years. We’re now on the market though, living in a house which has never been so tidy and we can breathe again. All we have to do now is sell it!

Writing has also fallen by the wayside a little and I’m desperately trying to carve out some time for that. There are two chapters that I want to finish second drafts of this week so keep your fingers crossed that I can manage that!

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