Literary advent calendar – tell me your favourite books

Literary advent calendar - Tell me your favourite books #GandBbookadayDecember is the month for curling up with a good book, partly because the weather is so grim (as I write this here in Edinburgh, the wind is rattling the windows, the rain is sheeting down at a 45 degree angle and it is soooo cold) and partly as a respite from all the hectic Christmas planning.

Here, I often find that I’m always talking about new books and so I also thought the run up to Christmas was a good time to think about favourite books – there are some much-loved titles that I tend to re-read in the winter.

Therefore, I give you The Glenogle & Bell Advent Calendar – a prompt for each day to talk about and photograph the books you love. And one that you hated, in the interests of balance. What I would really like people to do is to add a photograph and/or a line about the book they choose and either blog or tweet or post an Instagram image for each day, on the relevant day. Or just leave a comment here. If you can’t do all of them just do the ones you feel like. If you’re a blogger joining in, then let me know and I’ll add a link to your posts.

Anyway, the book a day meme begins on the first (Tuesday) so get cracking with choosing your favourite childhood book and check back here to see what mine is.

Just in case that image is difficult to read, this is the calendar in text format.

  1. Childhood favourite
  2. Favourite cover
  3. Most memorable opening line
  4. Favourite scary book
  5. The book you wish you’d written
  6. Favourite fictional detective
  7. The book that should be better known
  8. First literary crush
  9. The book you couldn’t finish
  10. The book that made you cry
  11. Favourite movie adaptation
  12. The book you always give as a gift
  13. What you’re reading now
  14. Guilty literary pleasure
  15. Own more than one copy
  16. Most recent purchase
  17. Favourite comfort read
  18. Most underrated book or author
  19. Book that made you laugh
  20. Book you’ve read more than three times
  21. Book set where you live
  22. Favourite Christmas book
  23. Book of the year
  24. The book you hope to find under the tree

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