Missing in action

I’m not sure where last week went but I’m horribly behind with blog posts. Actually, I do know what happened – we’re considering moving house and so large chunks of last week were taken up with meetings with lawyers and estate agents and endlessly discussing whether the extra space we’ll get in the ‘burbs is worth the loss of all the amenities of living in Stockbridge.

The upshot was that much fell by the wayside last week – I’ve only just managed to get the Glenogle & Bell order finished, I wrote about 500 not particularly good words and have felt quite frazzled. On the plus side, all those sales agents around the house means that it’s pretty clean and tidy which feels good.

Blog-wise, I’ve got some interesting posts planned that I plan to get finished this week. Coming up is a fascinating interview with Lynn Shepherd whose book The Pierced Heart I reviewed a week or so ago. Plus there will be the usual Thursday book review and another post about geography in novels. And I’m taking Wednesday off with the boys to go and visit a National Trust house that I want to use as a location in the novel so I should have some lovely autumnal photos to share.

Anyway, back to the grindstone…. see you soon.

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