New book – Trace Evidence

The last few months have been pretty quiet, especially with our son back at university, but I’ve been using my time surprisingly well. When I look back at this year it seems I’ve been more productive than I thought.

Thus far, 2020 has seen the release on sale (although still also free via this site and my mailing list) of Vanishing Point, a novella that introduces the character of Kate Carpenter, art consultant and art crime investigator. I’ve also released Don’t Blink, the first full-length novel in the series and the second, Trace Evidence, will be released on September 30th. And I’m well on the way with the outline for the third book, Exit Wounds.

My most frequently muttered phrase over the last few months has been ‘keep on, keeping on’ and it’s even made it into Trace Evidence as what Kate keeps telling herself when hunting for a missing person and running into dead ends. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dreading the cold darkness of the Scottish winter, but I’m trying to find pleasure in small things such as knitting and I’m planning to try quilting over the next few months. And I’ll be writing for that gives me enormous comfort.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones, reach out for help if you need to, and do take care. xxx

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