New post over at State of Independents – Self-Publishing or Not?

There’s a new post over at State of Independents where I talk about a piece on the Huffinton Post website by a bestselling American author who turned his back on his mainstream publisher and formed his own publishing company, thus tripling (he claims) his income.  It got me thinking and I’ve written a little about how self-published authors can help themselves and work with bookshops most effectively. It’s also relevant to newly published authors and mid-list authors who want to know how best to interact with booksellers and give their book it’s best chance of success.  And I’ve said that, as long as people keep reading them, I’ll be writing more posts about how that can work, starting with bookshops are important and promoting your book doesn’t begin and end with online retailers.

Here’s the piece: Self-Publishing or Not: A Matter of Semantics Let me know what you think.

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