Typing, typing, typing…

Writing progressThis week I had planned some lovely blog posts but they’re not going to happen I’m afraid. Next week should be marvellous though – I have an interview with the marvellous Joanna Cannon, a post about blogging (it’s a decade since I started blogging and I’ve been thinking about how the medium has changed) and a couple of book reviews at least.

However, the last few days have been frantic on the writing from. An agent asked me to send the first part of my currently unfinished novel which was lovely of him but it required some last-minute, late-night editing before I could send it off. And I was invited to join a writers’critique group which was nice but I was rather nervous and so spent ages and ages reading everyone’s submissions and getting somewhat dejected that everyone was better than me.

In the event, the writers’ group was a warm and supportive and constructive place to talk about writing with a remarkable lack of ego – maybe because we’re all women? I’m not sure. Anyway, they liked my work which was good.

And the agent replied at the speed of light and gave me a couple of really useful suggestions as to how the text can be tightened up plus he wants to read the full manuscript when it’s finished. I told him Easter and was then reminded by a friend that Easter is early this year and so I seem to have given myself the deadline from hell. Mind you, I’m hopeless without a deadline as my accountant will confirm so it’s probably for the best…

So there you go. A good week for writing, a bad one for blogging. Now I must run because I have a deadline to reach before I sneak out for coffee later. See you soon.

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