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Yes, I’m still here!

“Don’t forget to update your blog, “ said a friend and I was shocked to look and see that I haven’t written here since the beginning of last year. Given that I’ve been blogging since way back—about 2005, I think—I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year and New Book News

The world heaved an audible sigh of relief as the year turned, I think, collectively looking forward to better days. 2020 was a year where life itself felt far more fragile than usual, a global reminder of our own mortality. … Continue reading

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New book – Trace Evidence

The last few months have been pretty quiet, especially with our son back at university, but I’ve been using my time surprisingly well. When I look back at this year it seems I’ve been more productive than I thought. Thus … Continue reading

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A long overdue update…

Way back in January, I made plans for this year, breaking it down into quarters and working out what needed to be done. It was always optimistic but I was feeling pretty productive back then. I reckon a fair few … Continue reading

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(Almost) end of year updates

 I have been shockingly bad at updating this year. There’s no excuse, just a whole load of tiny justifications ranging from feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of starting out as an indie author, to getting my head down to write … Continue reading

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